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MD Face Painting
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MD (Mother/Daughter) Face Painting biography

Lori,  the "M", has been painting her children with body paint markers since they were little.  What kid doesn’t like to draw on themselves? It was never anything formal, just a fun way to entertain the kids. Epiffany,  the "D", has been drawing Pokemon since third grade. She amazed her classmates with exact replicas from her handbook and even made her baby brother a Jarachi Pokemon card when he wasn’t lucky enough to get the card on his birthday. She also makes miniature fantasy clay figures from sculpey clay and took portrait drawing classes in 2009.

In 2007 a friend asked Lori to pick up a paint brush and help face paint because the line was so long at the Earth Day celebration.  Markers are not even close to paint brushes, so Lori and her daughter received their first formal lessons form Ruth Anne Rountree from Got 2 B Dazzled.   How to load the brush, lines, tear drops and petals.    Thus, MD Face Painting became the Mother Daughter Duo.

In 2008 Lori took a private lesson with Gina Niemi.

In 2009 Both Lori and Epiffany were able to take lessons from Jinny and Marcela Murad  in Olympia Washington.